Power Source

Smartflower Solar – The Worlds first smart approach to solar energy mimicking the biology of flowers (heliotropism), our systems track the sun throughout the day so you can get the highest production while also being a leader in your community for sustainability. The cost of not going solar is hurting both your wallet and the environment and at Smartflower we want to help fix both those things.

Giving Back

Equinox is committed to making this festival as sustainable as possible, while practicing the stewardship slogan of “leave no trace”. Help do your part by familiarizing yourself with the map of recycling, waste, and compost reciprocals throughout the festival grounds, and encourage your squad-mates to do the same, so we can continue to enjoy a sustainable relationship with Mother Nature for many years to come.

Equinox and sustainability doesn’t end at the event, check out the upcoming community endeavors to keep the stewardship message alive along after the last bass drop! Details coming soon.