I got my start doing visuals in Manchester, NH with a promotion company called Electric Impulse. I started going to their events when the company first started and realized there was a distinct lack of visuals, which was something I was always interested in and fascinated by. I decided to do a little research into the software that was used and that is when I discovered my passion for digital manipulation of images and videos by way of software and effects. I found that there are so many different ways and pieces of software that you can learn to manipulate images and video to your liking that it is almost overwhelming trying to decide where to focus your energy.

I found that Resolume was my software of choice for running visuals because it allows you to build your own unique composition and custom map any function to any button, knob, or fader on a midi controller so that you have complete control over what is going on at any given time if your composition is built out correctly. It also allows you to beat sync any layer or effect parameter or make them react to incoming audio so that you can make your visuals match the music perfectly.

Since discovering this passion, I’ve had the opportunity to work with countless incredible musicians and always focus on creating visuals that match the vibe, speed, and intensity of their music to create a fully immersive experience. Due to my approach of manipulating the images and videos I have chosen for the set with effects live, I am doing much more than simply switching through clips when I am performing, bringing a live aspect to every performance which makes them unique and stand out from both each other and the competition. I also am constantly collecting and creating new source content to ensure that my sets are always fresh and content does not become over-played or stale. And with the use of effects and blending up to three video layers at once, even the same content cant be presented in an infinite amount of ways, often unrecognizable from the original, which also aids in keeping it fresh.

Shortly after getting into visuals I also became fascinated with digital art and artists such as Android Jones, Totemical, Cameron Gray, Beeple, Ben Ridgeway, and others. From using the software so heavily, I started to look at images and image them manipulated or layered, so I decided to start using the tools I knew how to use, primarily photoshop, after effects, and a couple other applications I have found, to create my own style of digital art which I now sell in the form of limited edition prints, tapestries, and apparel.